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What we do...

Adavo Property specialise in delivering high yield residential property investments for both corporate and private investors and our management team has significant experience in the UK property market. Our core business is restoring outdated property and presenting it in an appropriate manner for its target market. This can be professional or student housing close to city centres, business parks, universities, large employers or otherwise. All aspects of the supply chain are managed in-house with an integrated sourcing, renovations, lettings and management service.

We provide a turnkey portfolio building service for our clients within an ideal 'no upfront fees' payment structure. Adavo is dedicated to providing the highest standard of business ethics and customer service to fully meet the needs of our exclusive client family in the ever-changing UK property environment.


A Refined Model
Finding the best solutions...

Our business model entails buying discounted property, often located within walking distance of its target market of city centres, business parks, universities, hospitals, and government buildings. We then renovate the property to enhance its appeal which in turn adds value and increases the return. Finally we maximise the income by actively managing the lettings in-house using a crowd-sourcing marketing strategy. Through this model Adavo Property designs and executes the delivery of high yield returns secured against ring fenced assets.

Our approeach allows us to be both affordable for tenants and high yield for investors. The model is low risk lending for banks and institutions, whilst representing a very safe fully managed property investment model for any clients looking for alternatives to under-performing stocks, shares, savings and pensions.


First Class Standards
A continued commitment to excellence...

Our aim is to deliver a world class customer service. We have stringent service level standards in place and a designed process that ensures all investors receive an exceptional experience from initial enquiry through to re-investment. In addition to timely responses and efficient processes, we recognise that world class customer service is also about offering market leading products at the right time in the market. Adavo Property's Portfolio Builder package is the right investment at the right time.

We understand that the economic environment is constantly changing and will continue to change in the future. We offer 6%-8% net annualised returns within a risk managed business model but are constantly assessing the relevance of our offerings and continuously improving to achieve the best possible return for our clients, both now, and in years to come.

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